What exactly makes a mortal an ‘agnostic’?

    There’s definitely something which leaves the human body after death……some kind of energy…..call it ‘soul’ or whatever. So, there should be something such as an afterlife and there should be another world with a very different ‘master’ , as well.
      But, the human beings did not ’emerge’ out of nowhere, the way it is described in the Bible, the Torah, the Quran etc. etc. Some kind of a very gradual ‘evolution’ must have taken place simply because human beings can be easily divided into ‘ethnicities’ each with its own skin tone, facial features, behavioural tendencies and culture. Besides, ‘Jesus’ er Yeshua was not the ‘Christ’ of mankind as the conservative White Caucasians want the entire world to believe.  The Jews are clearly not the God’s chosen ones. They fail to impress with their appearance the way Gentiles do and, despite being the Wanderers of earth, they have always been persecuted for centuries everywhere which has forced them to develop a culture of keeping a very low profile. ‘Prophet’ Muhammad was only a brilliant Philosopher from the very heart of Arabia who wanted to reform the Arabs and make them a force to reckon with. Also, the Ka’bah is definitely not the House of God…just ask any Rabbi to tell you the truth. There is no Shiva, there is no Vishnu and there is no Brahma. Rama and Krishna were mere mortals.
    This is precisely what should make any mortal  an ‘agnostic’ . One has to believe in a Supreme God but its exact nature is entirely unknown and is matter of pure speculation, right now. The best way to keep oneself on the safer side with such a God is to look into the collective, ancient wisdom of mankind for guidance. It will not be inappropriate to say that  it is quite significant to be fair to other human beings as well as to oneself; that can quite possibly be the basis on which the human beings are judged in the afterlife.

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