The significance of a Degree in the modern era

Well, with possibly the sole exception of an America, and perhaps an Australia, any kind of white collared job, and even a clerical job, requires a Degree as a minimum qualification throughout the world. Without a Degree, you are actually without your ‘clothes’ in the job market all over the world and I am talking about the white collared and the clerical jobs here which are actually the ones which most of us, who have very little to zero capital to invest, look for.
Contacts do matter but those contacts should be really, really good and even in such cases, the bargaining power of a Graduate with a Degree is much, much more than that of an ‘uneducated’ Maverick. You do need one of those ‘labels’ er Degrees otherwise you are on very thin ice for the rest of your life, even with good contacts.
The Higher Education in developed countries such as America is a little expensive for the fresh out of High School Americans etc. etc. who do not really get much of ‘support’ from their parents and they need to have a very realistic picture of the ‘Return on Investment’ from those ‘labels’ er Degrees but those ‘labels’ er Degrees are a ‘necessity’ these days if you are looking for ‘meaningful’ White collared jobs in developed countries such as America.

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