Why exactly is the master race of the Germans yet to have an empire of its own?

People, in general, are quite ignorant of the fact that a ‘German’ confederation of states came into being only in 1814 and the country of Germany came into being only in 1871. The ‘Germans’ were actually the last of the Western European countries to join the race for colonies. Nevertheless, they did almost single-handedly create a Third Reich on the ruins of the First World War which had almost taken Moscow before the onset of the notorious Russian winter. As a matter of fact, they overdid the genocide thing. That is precisely what backfired in the later phase of the Second World War. Besides, they were badly unprepared for a long, drawn out war in the East because the Fuhrer eventually became a victim of his own propaganda; he was in a mad rush to create the Lebensraum for the Germans and once France fell without much resistance, he was absolutely sure of his own genius.
It took the combined might of the Red Army, America, United Kingdom and France to finish the Third Reich off not before the Nazis had killed the Jews in millions. Too bad, Hitler never got to lay his hands on the Atom bomb.
The thing that holds the Germans back is that they are perfectionists of the highest order. They don’t really cheat and steal like the Anglo Saxons etc. etc. In fact, they suck at it, terribly. That is precisely why the master race of the Germans never really had an ’empire’ . They will definitely have an empire once complete automation sees the light of day which is only inevitable.

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