Did the Holocaust actually take place??

Adolf Hitler
Well, a good number of people will always present their own ‘facts’ to dismiss the Holocaust as Jewish propaganda. The single biggest argument in favour of Holocaust being a fact is Adolf Hitler…….his obsessive, impulsive personality as well as his ‘ideology’ as outlined in his autobiography Mein Kampf which was written when he was yet to take Germany by storm.
Adolf Hitler talked fanatically about creating a Lebensraum for the Germans in the East and he talked fanatically about getting rid of the Asiatics from the ‘nation’ of ‘Israel’ in Mein Kampf. He did have his War on the European continent, that too, against very heavy odds and it is only very reasonable to believe that he must have massacred the Jews in awesome numbers both in his delirium, when the Wehrmacht was ‘Blitz’kering through Europe, and his frustration and anger, when the Germans were steadily losing ground to the Red Army.

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