Sun burns bright
sky is blue
air is wily and
water flows through.
only I know
what I have been through;
long enough
I have been in love
to know it ain’t fleeting;
like them,
my love is everlasting,
it is true!

Like chalk and cheese,
we are different,
it is true;
but every time,
I look into your beautiful eyes,
my heart tells me,
for me,
it has to be you,and only you.

I must speak from the heart,
for my love is true,
I can not promise sun and moon,
but it will be decent,
me and you,
I assure you.

Life is one long road,
there ain’t no coming back,
once you are through;
don’t go,
you may rue,
you know,
no one can ever love you the way I do.

I know,
I mean nothing to you,
but so you must know,
I will persist,
I will fight,
to myself ,this much I do owe
if I ever fell in love,
it was with you,and only you,
through and through!

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