A broken heart…..

A bleeding heart,
a battered brain;
all the passion seems
to have
gone down the drain.

I had loved a girl with insane passion,
I had served her with slavish devotion,
her virtues I used to proclaim;
she used to say,
she felt the same,
I used to believe,
she was mine,
I used to be on cloud nine!

That girl
with such a petite frame,
she has all the finesse,
she has all the grace!
Little I had to suspect,
she could put a common Machiavellian
to shame.

with a commoner she runs away;
it was a mere game,
this is what she has to say!
Weeping eyes make ardent pleas,
women, too, must have their space,
this is all what she says
to placate!
My spirit has gone numb,
as if hit by a speeding train;
but she goes her way
oblivious to my pain
as if I never did exist.

A broken heart,
a battered brain,
all the passion has surely
gone down the drain!
I need to be a man,
once again,
I am not going to love that bitch,
ever again!

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