Two sides of the same coin….

One exults in authority,
the other chants quantity;
they are distinct,
together they constitute the entity
which runs the economy.
Heads and tails join,
they are two sides of the same coin.

Senses fail to discern Him,
mind refuses to acknowledge Him,
he mocks at Him!
But the soul knows,
behind many inexplicables,
He is there, for sure.
An ocean of beliefs exists,
but the path to Almighty remains obscure.

Beauty dazzles!
Sanity it enslaves,
essence it fascinates! !
But serving the beauty
there is none such duty,
the conscience knows.
Only a fool succumbs to the allure,
he must suffer,
his madness has no cure.

Many chase her madly,
they want to taste her badly!
Some revere it as enterprise,
others dismiss it as insanity.
To shortcomings, none pay heed;
to fortune and fame,
success leads,
like success nothing succeeds!
Great it makes one feel,
it is an unfaithful mistress,
it is as slippery as the eel.

Virtue surely impresses,
it truly inspires.
Evil terribly disappoints,
it instantly incenses!
they happen to be
Siamese twins.
Like light and darkness,
they seem to be
at a never-ending war;
At times, virtue overpowers,
sometimes, evil wins!

It is thoroughly disciplined,
it is terribly self-contained,
it works with unfailing accuracy.
it is programmed to perfection,
it lacks the capacity to will!
It feels no emotion,
it is ignorant of passion,
it is immune to motivation!
Though infinitely more efficient than man,
it is only an accessory;
in the war between the machine and its Almighty,
eventually must win humanity!

People consider
everything to be ordained
as per the will of Almighty!
What one inherits
certainly shapes
a part of his destiny;
quite variable
is its quantity,
some do change it to their liking.
It seems to be puzzling,
exchange is the key
to unraveling the entire mystery;
the world is full of opportunity,
what one really needs is
the loyal company
of passion and tenacity!
The pessimist often grumbles,
the glass is not full to the brim.
He maybe a perfectionist,
he is ignorant of the worth of that
which the glass contains within!

One who only dreams
often ends up being
a walking-talking dream.
those who are afraid to dream
rarely reach the horizon.
Some dreams are mere castles in the air,
to conquer overwhelming odds
one must have faith in his dreams.
Religion promises equality,
the law proclaims equality! .
might is one ferocious, cunning beast!
It enslaves conscience,
it pampers ego.
Prestige is its sturdy offspring,
both wreak havoc on the mortals!
Bourgeois and the plebeians
must respect the status queue;
they either perish
or make terms with the status quo.

He dissembles with skill,
he manipulates people at will!
He boasts of his effectiveness,
he takes pride in his unscrupulousness!
With all his lies,
he manages to fly;
small are his flights
all that he is
a mere fly!
Feeble are his wings,
he is without a spine,
he does not have any sting!
He has all the grandeur,
he is rotten at the core!
He who believes in what he says
with him honour stays!
He reminds others of a cliff,
his poise is of such magnificence!
He is full of strength to the core.
It takes the might of an ocean
to humble his pride.

Think hard,
feel deep,
before you take
the plunge,
for the waters may be deeper
than they may appear,
they may be murkier
than you may like to believe!
There are two very different sides
to the same coin!
Heads and tails join,
they are two sides of the same coin!

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