Affluence, influence, the alliance and the populace!


They venture,they strive.
They rule the industry,they dominate the trade,they must thrive!
Slaves to avarice,they are the greedy wolves!
Comforts and luxuries are all they need,riches are all they seek.
Labour is the propellant factor,they know.
Its misery is a blessing in disguise,its bargaining power is low.
The labour can survive on a meager wage,
the profits they must take,
empires they want to build,
wealth they want to accumulate.
They love to indulge,they love to celebrate.
Asked to donate,they are miser to the core!
To contribute to the exchequer they abhor.
Opportunity they cannot stand to lose,
to bribe the system,often they choose!
On arrogance and ill gotten degrees,
their offsprings manage to survive.
They live in a world of ecstasy,
to them suffering is a novelty.
They rejuvenate!
To their aid arrives the probate.
Like the gentlemen of leisure,
upscale neighbourhoods
they continue to populate.
With every passing moment,
the coffers swell,their wealth increases.
The gulf widens,
the misery perpetuates!
Them prosperity exhilarates.
The self-esteem of the populace it annihilates!
The populace treats them with generosity,
they reciprocate with apathy!
For enterprise,the entrepreneurs extract an exorbitant price.
For the persistent ignorance,
they continue to exploit.
They continue to rejoice,they will continue to thrive!


They calculate,they manipulate.
They promulgate,they legislate.
They administrate,they influence,they dictate.
They must have power,
they want to dominate!
Garrisons they keep,in forts they live;
they are the noblemen of yore!
In the era of aristocracy,
through the sword,authority was laid to siege.
In the times of democracy,
vandals provide the sticks,
bribes are the carrots;
the electorate they enslave,
the mandate they seize,
they continue to dominate!
Police and judiciary are their de facto affiliates,
they circumvent the very laws they create.
Civil servants are their associates.
They negotiate,they legislate.
The populace continues to suffer,fortunes they continue to accumulate!
Maestros of propaganda,blatant lies they fabricate.
Opportunists to the core,between extremes they oscillate.
To consolidate they build syndicates.
They indulge,they live in castles,
with mere morsels they placate;
to survive they must exaggerate.
The opulent they derogate,from their clutches they take vows to liberate.
The right to determine they confiscate,the fortunes they deny,
the misery they perpetuate.
The accomplices of the affluent,the swindle they facilitate!
They continue to inculcate
the guile of fox,
the ruthlessness of tiger,and
the nerve of lion;
their untamed ways
allow them to grow
into a distinct predatory race!


The divine law is contained in the certificates.
Inequality it glorifies,tolerance it orates.
Paradise it promises,
the swindle it justifies,the plunder it advocates!
Occasional spark the heroes provide,hopes begin to breathe.
With their demise, they recede;
Darkness permeates,it continues to perpetuate.
Of civilization the mankind boasts,
law of the jungle continues to operate.
Time iterates,history narrates,
The masses suffer,the classes prosper,
the masses strive,the classes thrive,
the masses tolerate,the classes celebrate.
The masses surrender their will to the GOD(s) the classes create.
Out of mere mortals,monsters they create!
The masses suffer like the meek sheep,
their fortunes the classes keep.
Them ignorance and lethargy continue to abate
the abyss must continue to perpetuate!

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